Focus On BuildIng The New


The secret of change is in how and where we focus our energy.  We can make change so much easier to achieve if we put our energy on what we have to do…do in new ways with new thinking…do differently…do more creatively. You don’t have to ignore the past. Unravel what has been stopping you, as this will give you … Read More

Michelle LandyFocus On BuildIng The New

Don’t let the “what ifs” stop you

If you are like most people, every time you get a great new idea it will soon be followed with a sabotaging “what if” thought. Every great pursuit you embark on will have a thousand “what ifs” that you could listen to and stop for… what if I fail, what if I’m not good enough, what if I make a … Read More

Michelle LandyDon’t let the “what ifs” stop you

Live with a Teachable Spirit


“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, the sixty eight year old man told me. “Oh no!”, I wanted to cry back to him. “Don’t close off your spirit. Don’t choose to live without a “teachable spirit”! It strikes me as a limiting and even sad choice – yet one I hear people making often.  In his case age … Read More

Michelle LandyLive with a Teachable Spirit

One Small Change Can Change Your Life

Something as simple as changing how you get to work can be the beginning of change. When we do new things, even SMALL new things, we are rewiring our brains for flexibility and laying down a template to allow new habits and new ways of thinking to take hold. Doing new things in the midst of your everyday life will … Read More

Michelle LandyOne Small Change Can Change Your Life

Time Saving Strategies


I was recently interviewed in Cleo Magazine (March 2012) and some of my time saving ideas are highlighted in the article THE TIME IS NOW. With our ever increasing to do lists we need to become smart about how we manage ourselves, our projects and our time – both at work and in our personal lives. When we manage our … Read More

Michelle LandyTime Saving Strategies