Notice Your Little Talents…

The singing show THE VOICE has been captivating my attention. One of the reasons I love the show is that I love seeing people take brave steps. ¬†Every episode you get to witness people facing their fear and moving through it. To get up there on stage most participants have to face those questioning voices in their own heads – … Read More

Michelle LandyNotice Your Little Talents…

One Small Change Can Change Your Life

Something as simple as changing how you get to work can be the beginning of change. When we do new things, even SMALL new things, we are rewiring our brains for flexibility and laying down a template to allow new habits and new ways of thinking to take hold. Doing new things in the midst of your everyday life will … Read More

Michelle LandyOne Small Change Can Change Your Life

What do you wish you had the confidence to do?

Just about all of us have a dream tucked away and without confidence it can be mighty hard to start, let alone achieve. It might be a little goal; a place you want to travel to, an experience you would love to have. Or it may be something bigger. A dream career you think about, a project you want to … Read More

Michelle LandyWhat do you wish you had the confidence to do?