Client Comments

“The coaching program at AT Kearney has been a tremendous success. There have been distinct changes in interpersonal skills, project management and client interactions. I highly recommend Michelle Landy to any service organization wanting to bring out the best in their personnel.” Joseph Crepaldi, Vice President, AT KEARNEY

The coaching process was very powerful. I left every session motivated and had increased clarity and focus.

Manager, Boston Consulting Group

One of the best presenters I have listened to. Absolutely motivating and makes you feel that it can be done!

Orion Hoddin, Supervisor

Michelle Landy is impressive – she is a good presenter and great at encouraging people. The work she did with us around developing emotional intelligence was really useful to me and I have practiced it at work frequently with positive outcomes. I have to say that ‘hands down’ she is the best University presenter I have seen.

Jeni Pollard, Coordinator

The workshop delivered by Michelle was hugely inspiring and thought provoking. It influenced the entire way in which I saw leadership and made me realise that we can all be leaders in our field – not just those who hold positions of leadership.

Angela Perkovic, Organisational Strategy and Improvement

Thank you for the talk you did at the Creative Woman’s Circle meeting . I found your words of wisdom very inspiring and motivating! You have made me look at some things in a different & better way that I can take to my business and my life! So thank you again! Camilla Molders Design, Interior Design & Styling

Michelle Landy is a coach who listens attentively and gives excellent advice after consideration of the problem discussed.”

John Hawkins, HACER Construction Manager

Michelle has given me so many practical strategies to build my confidence. I finally feel like I know the way forward to better nurture myself and treat myself as a friend.

Kim Cooke

I couldn’t believe how engaged everyone was. This is the best training that I have attended.

Jon Francis

Michelle is enthusiastic, supportive and constructive – without ever being critical.” Lucie-Jane McElwee, NSW Police Association

Michelle provided practical inspiration. Her facilitation skills made it look easy in the way she related to male and female participants and engendered co-operative teamwork in group discussions & activities. As a HR person I appreciated her ability to listen to and understand varying viewpoints and work constructively with them. The whole experience was constructive, invigorating and positive. It was a very good course and a very good experience. Thanks Michelle!

Mary Parmeter, HR Professional

Michelle’s presentation style and depth of knowledge were brilliant. Michelle provides you with a set of skills and an insight into a way of thinking that makes work life so much better. Everyone I’ve talked to who attended her workshop absolutely loved it and so did I!

Gary Pearson, 
Strategic Landuse Planner

I found the course excellent and would encourage anyone who supervisors other staff to attend training by Michelle Landy. All my Team Leaders and supervisors have attended her Leadership training and their feedback has all been extremely positive

Peter Robinson, Manager

Michelle Landy delivers engaging Leadership presentations which challenge you to look at your leadership style

Peter Floyd, S.E.S.

Michelle’s warmth and intelligence shine through in both her presentations and one-on-one sessions. She can keep a room full of people hanging on her every word for days on end. I learnt some wonderful things about myself and others that have stayed with me vividly as I traverse the highs and lows of work and life. Michelle always delivers value whether she has 20 minutes or 5 days to present. Martine Brieger, Manager Communications

Your preparation and dynamic presentation was well above our expectations for the conference. All participants expressed how much they enjoyed your presentation and were excited about implementing changes.

Tracey Knulle-Miller, Training Coordinator, Fisher Catering Services

I thoroughly enjoyed Michelle’s energetic delivery of material and the group workshops. The valuable material learnt in the course helped me obtain a Team Leader’s position and Michelle made me realize you don’t need to be in a supervisory role to be a leader.

Jacqueline Spencer, Team Leader

Michelle creates an engaging and dynamic learning environment. I thoroughly enjoyed the course I did with her and recommended it to many peers who also loved the course!

Melissa Boxell, Shellharbour Council

This program is a real opportunity. Michelle challenged my whole concept of how to handle and manage change. Thank you for the powerful insights.

Senior Manager, Gateway Computers

Stretching my comfort-zone has been an amazing experience. Thank you.

Kris Cox

Michelle Landy has presented for many years at our conferences and seminars. She is a dynamic presenter and engaging facilitator who has extensive corporate and business experience. Ruth Niemczyk, Manager Learning and Development Consultant

Michelle Landy is excellent – very supportive and great at imparting information and inspiring others.

Paul McNiff, Counselor/Trainer

Michelle Landy was excellent. She was prepared, intelligent, flexible and had amazing interpersonal skills.

Margaret Crowley, Psychologist – DMC Medical Centre

Michelle Landy was inspiring. I was very impressed that she practices and demonstrates all the points she teaches.

Elise Okunew, IT Industry Representative

Excellent Course. I should have done this years ago!

Ken Wakeman, Computer Software Developer

Michelle modeled brilliantly the core elements to developing others – Supportive, challenging, interesting and passionate.

Andra Kosner -Corporate Project Consultant

This coaching program is the best training I have ever attended. Every person in our company should be put through it!

International Management Consultant, A.T Kearney

Michelle is an extremely engaging facilitator. Her leadership course invites participants to challenge their current thinking and make positive change to their leadership style. the feedback from our staff was extremely positive. Diane Ellison, Human Resources Manager

This was the best course I have done in years. Michelle Landy is an exceptional presenter and coach, who teaches powerful leadership concepts at a very practical level. Michelle’s energy and passion was inspirational and the results for me personally have been immeasurable. I highly recommend her.

Sue Ledingham, Strategy, Innovation and Reporting, Office of General Manager

Michelle , thank you for the course. In a nutshell, I picked up a heap of valuable insights, which I have been able to bring back and use in a really positive way to improve how we deal with our clients and each other. You presented it in a way that made it fun to learn, I honestly think it was one of the best courses I have completed in my working life.

Peter Smith, Director of Environmental Services

Michelle is dynamic and inspirational. She always receives rave reviews.

Tilda Sikes, Marketing 
Manager, University of Technology Sydney

Thank you for successfully implementing the women’s development program at 3M. The feedback has been extremely positive and I look forward to future programs with you.

Sue Elmslie, Human Resources Manager – 3M

Thank you for yet another successful training seminar. Pharmacist comments reflect that the content was of a very high standard and was presented very competently and professionally.

Paula Whitehead, Coordinator – Pharmaceutical Society of Australia

Thank you for the training at RDAV. We have received very positive feedback from everyone. It was great – people saying it made them think/reflect and also commenting on how engaging it all was.

Lesley Hewitt, Riding For Disabled, Victoria

“Michelle Landy is dynamic and inspirational.”

Tilda Sikes, Marketing Manager, University of Technology