I work with people both privately and with businesses – with people who are ready to embark on some sort of change, are dealing with an unexpected imposed change or stepping into new roles and  particularly leadership development and change-leadership strategy coaching. I help people get clarity, access the confidence to take action and navigate change with insight and focus.

Change coaching fast-tracks the change process and helps people navigate the often new and uncharted process with greater ease.

Michelle Landy is a highly experienced and qualified NLP practitioner and executive coach. 

She works in a partnership relationship with you. Asking questions and framing discussions in ways that help you find solutions that are right for you and gain clarity to handling situations. The core is about helping you take Motivated Action towards the outcomes you want, to change the things that are in your control (in yourself and in the situations themselves) and to bring out the best in yourself.

Motivated action coaching is about change – changing your behaviours, changing your communication, changing your reactions and feeling empowered to grow, change and boost your performance, skills and effectiveness at work.

People love the clarity coaching brings.  It is private, personal and specific to your situation and needs.

What Coaching Clients Say… 

“Having a coaching session with Michelle Landy is like taking a big breath of fresh air”

Camilla Moulders, Designer & Entrepreneur

Michelle is a master at helping achieve clarity. She is insightful and inspiring and I would recommend her to anyone ready to take new directions in their work.”

Trish Kirkland, Manager

“Michelle is enthusiastic, supportive and constructive – without ever being critical.”
Lucie-Jane McElwee, NSW Police Association



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