Coaching - Leadership, Change and Resilience

Coaching Sessions

Telephone and In-person Sessions

Is Coaching for You?

* Coaching sessions are for people who are "change ready" and wanting the clarity to make the next step with maximum success. The sessions are action oriented and completely tailored to your current challenge and goal.

* I coach people both privately and professionally through workplace coaching programs. It is ideal for people who are stepping up in new leadership roles, dealing with new teams, embarking on personal change, leading their business in new directions.

* If you are ready to take action, coaching fast-tracks your clarity, focus, confidence and equips you to successfully navigate any change no matter what your level within an organisation.

* I have a specialty focus on coaching top level leaders. People who are at the top of their field gain greatly form the support of a confidential "bouncing board" for their ideas, a means for reflecting on their initiatives and the focus achieved from strategically assessing their own leadership approach to specific issues.

My Approach to Coaching

I work in partnership with you. Leaders love these sessions for the often instant clarity achieved. I will asking questions and frame discussions in ways that help you find solutions and gain clarity to situations. The aim is to help you feel focused to take “Motivated Action”.

Coaching is always about change – changing your behaviours, changing your communication, changing your reactions and changing your results.

Attentive listening for the catalyst to your change is heart of my skill. The approach I take is a blend of diverse coaching approaches together in a relaxed conversational - from a combination of 25 years experience, a masters in NLP, a Grad Dip in Performance Management and Executive Coaching certification. The sessions are relaxed and conversational, insightful and reflective, yet also highly action oriented and focused on implementation of actions and change

My broad experience coaching leaders across a vast array of industries and levels has taught me the fundamentals of how we change our behaviours and results. Inside us all we have the keys to our own results. Coaching unlocks the gate and fast tracks results.

In essence, my role is to help you establish clarity, access your wisdom, build you strengths, activate your confidence and give you the clarity necessary for action.

"Michelle is a master at helping people achieve clarity. She is insightful and inspiring. I highly recommend her to anyone ready to take new directions in their work."

Trish Kirkland, Manager.

How is coaching structured?

  • You can book a one off session or a series.
  • Most sessions are conducted over the telephone which is highly effective for focus and your time management. This also allows for real time sessions before important events or interviews.
  • Your initial session is one hour and follow up sessions can be half hour or one hour, depending on your goals and timeline.

Client Comments

“Having a coaching session with Michelle Landy is like taking a big breath of fresh air”

Camilla Moulders, Designer & Entrepreneur

"Michelle Landy is a highly experienced and qualified executive coach who has coached many members of my teams over my career. I highly recommend her to any business.”

Joseph Crepaldi, CEO Crescendo Partners

“Michelle is enthusiastic, supportive and constructive – without ever being critical.”
Lucie-Jane McElwee, NSW Police Association