Program for Women

Are you at burnout point? Juggling too much, feeling like your life is in too many directions but not knowing how to stop? Great at caring for others yet have little time or attention for self care? And not really knowing what self care even looks like.

Our habitual thinking and patterns of behaviour often send us in different direction to what that inner voice is screaming out for us to do. It's time to get more calm, more clarity and more alignment - and reset your nervous system for a happier and healthier you.

This program will help you transform how you think and feel about yourself and reset you habits, thinking and life.

It’s easy to get off course in life – that’s why we need regular check-ins with our inner self to realign and reset what makes us happy and well.

This program is structured to give you time each week to reflect, learn and practice new skills. This program will empower you to connect to your inner wise self and built a life aligned to your true spirit, and looking after your self.  This program will help you unlock your unique path forward.

You were given a magnificent mind, body and spirit - and the instruction book is in you. You just need to slow down to hear, to learn to speak its language, to trust it to take action.

Michelle Landy

Develop self-awareness 

– Identify your key strengths and potential de-railers.

– Manage emotions for positive and assertive communication 

 Develop you self  confidence with “reflective practice”

– Develop the skills and capacity for reflective practice

– The 4 questions you must ask yourself for perspective and clarity

– Build positive 360 degree relationships

Participant Comments

Michelle was such an engaging and passionate presenter. This was the most enjoyable and valuable workshop I have experienced. Her teaching style was fantastic and I found the content easy to understand and relevant to my role and career. I loved the experience and would absolutely recommend the course to my colleagues. I hope to attend more in the future.          Samantha Pen                   

Michelle is a very engaging presenter. Excellent course. It was informative, useful and applicable. It was transforming and impactful to me personally.
Hisong Le
Deakin University
She’s very fluent, knowledgeable and well versed in her field
Kimberly Anne
Greyhound Racing Victoria
Really good energy, relevant examples to bring concept alive Very good, Michelle was great.
T Stella
Energy Australia

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Self Care Transformation Program