Principle One of Resilience

soften heart

“Soften your heart and thicken your skin.” This is the first principle of resilience. A soft heart is what we can always give in response to anything….it is HOW we choose to respond… Yet a tough skin is what we need to be able respond with a soft heart… less expectations, less reaction, less tension. The tough skin allows us … Read More

Michelle LandyPrinciple One of Resilience

Three Types of Mentors


We all need people who make us ask more of ourselves. Mentors. People who give us direction, clarity and inspiration. And the good ones make us WANT to ask more of ourselves. They are people who influence us in a positive way – influencing our actions, directions and above all our clarity. They are people who model the way.  But … Read More

Michelle LandyThree Types of Mentors

CLARITY comes from a double YES


Have you ever tried to talk yourself into something? Or had all the logic in the world to do something, yet it just does not sit comfortably with you, only to find yourself trying to move forward without a feeling of clarity. Should I or shouldn’t I do anything, can be a confusing and tormenting process and the confusion only … Read More

Michelle LandyCLARITY comes from a double YES

Keep Your Mind on “WHY”


Keep your mind on why you are doing anything – the “why” holds powerful positive and motivating energy. Keeping your eye on the WHY does a few interesting things… keeps you focused and motivated. …it helps you find extra strength and resilience during difficulties and obstacles. …it reminds you that all your effort matters and prompts you to keep … Read More

Michelle LandyKeep Your Mind on “WHY”

Chill and increase your chances of being proactive

If you can stay calm and relaxed in any given situation, you will also manage to be proactive, not reactive. We all want to be proactive – to have choice about what we say and do and how we respond and act. Yet how many times have you left a situations and found yourself thinking “If only I hadn’t said…” … Read More

Michelle LandyChill and increase your chances of being proactive

Aim to be YOUR best


Aim to be YOUR best, not THE best. It is easy to think we have to be THE best and to think we have to compete, win and run faster, harder and ahead of everyone else to succeed.  But what if the race was never about anyone else. What if we are only ever running against ourselves. And what if … Read More

Michelle LandyAim to be YOUR best

Does Perfectionism Hold You Back?

Don’t let perfectionism hold you back. It’s easy to fall into the trap of not starting until you have all the pieces perfectly ready, but sometimes we need to start half ready. Start before all the pieces are perfect, conditions perfect and prospects perfect… Will you let yourself start before things are perfect? Michelle Landy

Michelle LandyDoes Perfectionism Hold You Back?

Choose Your Thoughts


Are you choosing your thoughts or do they choose you? It is easy to forget that our thoughts are something we can choose. Sometimes my thoughts are seriously not helpful and I have to whip them out of my mind. And if I don’t step in and take control of them, I risk setting myself up to be less productive and … Read More

Michelle LandyChoose Your Thoughts