Focus On BuildIng The New


The secret of change is in how and where we focus our energy.  We can make change so much easier to achieve if we put our energy on what we have to do…do in new ways with new thinking…do differently…do more creatively. You don’t have to ignore the past. Unravel what has been stopping you, as this will give you … Read More

Michelle LandyFocus On BuildIng The New

Speak To Their Needs


When people ask you “What do you do?” it can be tough if your profession has a stereotype that is not true for who you are.  Surveys show that some professions are perceived as more trustworthy than others – regardless of how trustworthy you as a person are. However, there are few things you can do to help. I was … Read More

Michelle LandySpeak To Their Needs

Say your dream out loud


There is magic in saying your dream goal out loud…and not just thinking it in your head. When you force yourself to articulate what you want, it forces you to get clear. The process of putting words to it will make you move from vagueness to clarity. It makes you get real about whether you really want it or just “think” … Read More

Michelle LandySay your dream out loud

Risk Disappointment

Will you risk being disappointed?  Most people won’t. We won’t because we want guarantees…we won’t because we don’t want to feel the pain that disappointment evokes…we won’t because we think it should be easy. This is your challenge. This week risk being disappointed. Risk feeling…. take that step… dare to venture forth with the risk of disappointment at your side. … Read More

Michelle LandyRisk Disappointment

Don’t let the “what ifs” stop you

If you are like most people, every time you get a great new idea it will soon be followed with a sabotaging “what if” thought. Every great pursuit you embark on will have a thousand “what ifs” that you could listen to and stop for… what if I fail, what if I’m not good enough, what if I make a … Read More

Michelle LandyDon’t let the “what ifs” stop you

Spring Clean Your Life


  There is something about spring that wakes us up and makes us want to sprinkle its’ energy through the whole of our lives. The wonderful freelance journalist Michaela Fox interviewed me recently about this very concept for an article in Women’s Agenda. Below is the article with many of my comments on spring cleaning your life: Spring Clean your … Read More

Michelle LandySpring Clean Your Life

The Getting of Clarity


We often say the words “I don’t know what to do…” when we want to change something in our lives or want to start something new. Most of us say the words ‘I don’t know’ too readily though. Too quickly…before we have even given ourselves time to know… And when we do stop to delve a little deeper, invariably we … Read More

Michelle LandyThe Getting of Clarity

Kick-start something new with the start of the new season


With every new season we get the opportunity to move into a new season of our lives.  We all know that we can kick-start change any day and any time, but for most people we find it helpful to align our change to “something” – and a new season is a powerful way to do that. So depending on what … Read More

Michelle LandyKick-start something new with the start of the new season