A one or two day program to develop presentation skills in women to communicate with influence, confidence and clarity at meetings, briefings. Develop your unique style, understand personality differences, what makes people listen, how people process in differnt ways. This is a leadership development program.

2 Day In-house Program

WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: Unlock your Leadership Potential

A one day empowering day to boost your leadership capacity, unlock your confidence and master effective communication styles. This empowering program helps women step up and be of positive impact with your teams, colleagues and organisation.

1 Day In-house Program

STRESS MANAGEMENT AND RESILIENCE: Wellness for Women to Thrive at Work.

A half day workshop in stress management strategies for optimum productivity and wellness. Change how you lead yourself and approach your work. Manage your mindset, tasks and what you achieve. The programs will give you tools, strategies and insight and confidence to lead yourself with greater success.

Half Day In-house Program

Contact us to find out about the above programs and tailored in-house women development programs. Specialty industry programs available.  (Women in Local Govenment, Women in High Education, Women in Agriculture, as well as other industry specific programs.)