Kick-start something new with the start of the new season

With every new season we get the opportunity to move into a new season of our lives.  We all know that we can kick-start change any day and any time, but for most people we find it helpful to align our change to “something” – and a new season is a powerful way to do that. So depending on what hemisphere you are in right now, you will be embarking on Spring or Autumn –  both the seasons of preparation.

Nature itself supports our launch into something new at the beginning of a new season. All of nature around us is in transition and it awakens our natural need for transition too. Perhaps that why so many of my clients are telling me they “feel ready to start something new”.

Seize the energy of the season and start something new today.  

Do not worry if you are not ready. Make the “getting ready” phase part of the journey, just like nature does within the seasons. Make preparing, gathering and researching STEP ONE of your journey, not something you have to do BEFORE you start. 

When we make preparation step one of the journey it means we can start BEFORE we are ready!! It means we can start from where we are right now… TODAY.

What change would you like to kickstart with this change of season? Step into STEP ONE: Start gathering…Start preparing…Start researching…   


Michelle Landy