CLARITY comes from a double YES

Have you ever tried to talk yourself into something?

Or had all the logic in the world to do something, yet it just does not sit comfortably with you, only to find yourself trying to move forward without a feeling of clarity.

Should I or shouldn’t I do anything, can be a confusing and tormenting process and the confusion only increases if we are only listen to our head.

Our logic is only half the story and therefore does not leave us settled. To get clarity (and comfort!) we need a double yes. We need a yes from our heart too.

We need a YES from BOTH the heart and the head to experience that wonderful feeling of clarity.

If you want to increase your clarity in everything you do and every decision you make, go for a double yes. Check in with both your heart and your head and make the feeling of clarity part of all your decisions.

Michelle Landy  – Coach, Author, Speaker


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