A 6 month professional development program.

Empowering coaching sessions every month to boost your confidence as a leader, develop your leadership capacity and transform how you lead yourself and others.

Give yourself the professional growth gift of coaching. Twelve sessions of empowering and transformative support to enhance your confidence, communication and leadership ability.

This empowering program will help you discover your natural leadership style and capacity, unlock your confidence and give you the support to  become comfortable in who you are, in what you have to offer and in being a leader.


You get to focus on the topic areas that you most want to develop. Over 6 months we will cover numerous different topics and aspects of your development. Topics people commonly delve into during leadership coaching include:

  • Self care as a leader
  • Setting boundaries
  • How to engage and inspire performance
  • Communication skills and speaking up
  • How to give feedback
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Managing conflict or difference of opinion with others
  • Developing confidence in your leadership style and capacity
  • Speaking up at meetings
  • Speaking so you feel heard
  • Managing your energy levels and health as a career woman
  • Expressing your idea with clarity
  • Managing the work life juggle with greater ease
  • Stress management
  • Mindfulness practices for improved calm

This one year coaching program is transformative. It is a structured as a combination of coaching, clarity sessions and take away practice activities. The focus is based on you, what you want to develop and your individual situation.


Monthly Coaching Sessions – Individual Coaching Session every month

Check in focus sessions – Q & A sessions each month – optional

Support emails  – Individual support between sessions – optional

Flexible scheduling – Times to fit your timetable

* Coaching is conducted online or via telephone.

* Additional coaching sessions and extended sessions available.

What Leadership Participants Say

“Michelle is knowledgeable and passionate as a presenter. She brings a great combination of theory and practical – and loved how the personalised examples made it real.”

Cindy Lewis 

"Michelle is very fluent, knowledgeable
and well versed in her field."
Kimberly Anne
Greyhound Racing Victoria
"Warm, engaging, knowledgeable.
Michelle had a great presentation style.
It was fantastic - Michelle was so inspiring."
Laura Pettigrove
Department of Health and Human Services
"Engaging, knowledgeable, relatable,
real-world relevant."
Tess Vogts
Translational Research Institute

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6 Month Leadership
Coaching Program

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