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Coaching Sessions

"You were given a magnificent mind, but sometimes it gets overwhelmed. Writing helps you cut through the confusion to gain clarity, helping you hear your own wisdom and voice."
- Michelle Landy -

This specialist coaching method incorporates writing techniques to deepen your understanding of your internal decision making process, get clarity about what you long for and layer through overwhelm, fear or confusion. Mind Clarity Writing is a powerful process for getting clarity insight in any area of your work or life. It leads you through the mind clutter to your  inner wisdom, inner voice and inner answers, helping you map out your next step with more confidence.

Participant Comments

Michelle was such an engaging and passionate presenter. This was the most enjoyable and valuable workshop I have experienced. Her teaching style was fantastic and I found the content easy to understand. I loved the experience and would absolutely recommend the course to my colleagues. I hope to attend more in the future.          Samantha Pen                   

Michelle is a very engaging presenter. Excellent course. It was informative, useful and applicable. It was transforming and impactful to me personally.
Hisong Le
Deakin University
She’s very fluent, knowledgeable and well versed in her field
Kimberly Anne
Greyhound Racing Victoria
Really good energy, relevant examples to bring concept alive Very good, Michelle was great.
T Stella
Energy Australia

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