Work Life Wellness & Mindful High Performance Program

Boost your team's resilience and help them navigate stress for wellness, empowerment and mindful high performance.
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WORK LIFE WELLNESS, MINDFUL HIGH PERFORMANCE & RESILIENCE equips teams to better navigate change, and pivot during stress events  and build their resilience and agility to work in new ways.

This program is the ultimate STRESS MANAGEMENT program and helps teams learn the art of self leadership, navigate stress, work effectively with change and collaborate with calm. It is designed for businesses to empower teams with the skills of wellness and high performance.
The program is conducted online with a powerful combination of processes. (group zoom training, videos, clarity sessions and individual Q&A coaching)

Learning to manage our thinking, mindset and behavioural responses transforms how we feel and what we achieve. This program will show you how your thinking impacts your results and give you skills and strategies to change your results. It will equip you with skills to juggle pressures at work and in life, with greater effectiveness.


Topics Include:

  • Confidence and Wellness
  • Stress Management 
  • Reframing
  • Managing Your Mindset and Thinking
  • Navigating Change 
  • Managing your focus and attention.
  • The three inner powers
  • Mindfulness – What it is and how to develop it.
  • Calming Your Mind practices
  • Developing an Area f Influence
  • Managing Difficult Personalities without Stress.

This 6 week program is conducted as a combination of online training, online videos, take away practice activities and individual Q&A. It is focused, powerful and give participants the powerful combination of group sessions with individual focus.


Week One – 2 Hour Group Session (zoom) + At home practice activity

Week Two – 2 Hour Group Session (zoom) + At home practice  activity

Week Three – Group Session + Individual Q & A 

Week Four –  2 Hour Group Session + Video Training + At home practice session

Week Five – Group Session + Individual Q & A  + Mindfulness Group Session 

Week Six – 2 Hour Group Session

*Post Course Bonus – Free Masterclass one month after the program completion


$1650 +GST AUD

– Corporate and group discounts:

– Enrol 10+ people and save $300 per person

* In-house delivery is also available for organisations.


“Amazing. Michelle you are inspirational! I learnt so much.”

Kathy Viahaku – City of Darebin          

Client Comments

"Michelle was warm, engaging, knowledgeable and had a great presentation style. Fantastic - Michelle was so inspiring."
Laura Pettigrove
Department of Health and Human Services
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