Transformational Coaching

Helping you get clarity and navigate the changes you want.

This coaching program will help you take new positive action that is aligned to who you are and what matters to you.   Learn to hear your own inner wisdom and clarity, navigate all those things that hold you back with support and meet your inner courage.  The coaching is personal, private and supports your unique personality and situation.
Some of topics often discussed include:
  • Connect to your inner voice and trust it.
  • Access your inner wisdom and make your best decisions.
  • Get clarity about what matters and how to implement it.
  • Boost your confidence to take new positive action that is aligned to who you are.

Coaching can be conducted as a series of three sessions or six sessions. Invoices are tax deductible for professional development and sent to your you personally or your business.

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“Stretching my comfort-zone has been an amazing experience. Thank you.” 

Kris Cox          

Client Comments

Michelle identified my communication blocks immediately and helped me speak up. I highly recommend her to any women in leadership roles who need to speak up at meetings.
Sue Cotter
This coaching has been life changing. I came improve my communication skills at work, but have found it has improved my ability to speak up calmly at home too. Thank you!
Jemma Hart
Local Government

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