For Working Women

Putting wellness into the heart of your success plan.


Learn how to be in your parasympathetic nervous system and implement powerful easy practices into our week for greater resilience, mental calm and higher performance.

You’ve learnt how to achieve and be effective at work,  but have you learnt to take care of yourself. Burnout is very real for women and can be prevented and intercepted. Your long term success depends on your mastering self care practices.  Your happiness depends on it. Self care is not optional, the pillars of rest, recovery, refocus, reflection and regeneration are essential to success.


– 6 week coaching program, conducted via zoom or skype. 

– flexibility in scheduling to fit your needs and location.

– email support between sessions for clarity and insight.

“Stretching my comfort-zone has been an amazing experience. Thank you.” 

Kris Cox          

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Self Care for Working Women

Work Life Balance and Burnout Prevention.