The Women's Wellbeing Program

- Learn strategies to transform stress to flow.
- Change how you feel, perform and navigate work.
- Learn practices in mindfulness and wellbeing.
- Discover how to shift your mindset.

Discover a new way to lead yourself.

How well you lead yourself influences your success, performance and happiness at work and in life.  During times of pressure, change and stress our success at leading ourselves becomes vital. Yet most people have not learnt the mindset strategies, skills and practices that are teachable. Leading our own wellbeing has become an important skill – helping us perform better individually and in teams for better organizational  success and happiness. The Women’s Wellbeing Program is a unique work life program, dynamic in its delivery and integrates training coaching and self development. The program is highly practical and give your team immediate strategies for transforming how they navigate stress, pressures and change

Mindful Performance & Mindset Flow.

Mindful Performance

  • Develop self-awareness about how you work
  • Mindful practices for high performance
  • The 3 powers – commitment, intention and planning.
Personality and Work Habits

  • Identify you work personality
  • Your relationship with time
  • Achieving flow

Navigating Change with Less Stress and more Synergy

  • Developing your adaptive skills.
  • How to foster a change ready mindset.
  • The power of being a realist and present time thinking.

Self Leadership Habits

  • Building habits for wellness and success.
  • Changing how you think.
  • Building a circle of personal influence.

Activating Your Parasympathetic Nervous System for Calm

  • Understanding your autonomic nervous system and vagus nerve.
  • Strategies to improve autonomic nervous system function.
  • 3 Essential habits for focused wellbeing.

Stress Management Mind Strategies

  • Leading yourself with more clarity.
  • Stopping burnout at the warning signs.
  • Thriving in the midst of fear and pressure.

The MINDFUL PERFORMANCE & FOCUSED WELLBEING program is a live online seminar led program.

  • ONLINE – 2 x Half days conducted over two weeks.
  • ONLINE – Optional extra attendance at a group coaching call Conducted one week after the program to support implementation of strategies. 
  • Discounts are available to organisations for group bookings.

“Amazing – So many things I can’t wait to try.”

Sarah Holder – Federal Department                                                                           

Participant Comments about Michelle Landy

Loved Michelle’s style, casual & connected Brilliant event, well worth it!
Jacqualin Baldwin
Insightful, Eye opening
Nicola Galladeer
A wonderful opportunity to take time out for professional and personal growth.
Simone Cook

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The Women's Wellbeing Program