Aim to be YOUR best

Aim to be YOUR best, not THE best.

It is easy to think we have to be THE best and to think we have to compete, win and run faster, harder and ahead of everyone else to succeed.  But what if the race was never about anyone else. What if we are only ever running against ourselves. And what if our best chances of success is to actually take our eye off trying to be better than anyone else and instead start trying to be OUR best.

Imagine what you could achieve in your career if you focused on being your best. On accessing it, being it, striving for it. Imagine what an impact you could make.  When your eye is on what others are doing…on comparisons and competition…you will have less energy to put into actually becoming your best.

When we attempt to be THE best, there will always be someone who will outdo us – who will leave us flattened and demotivated. When we try to be OUR best, what others do and achieve has no negative impact on how we feel or if we will keep going.  This simple shift in focus keeps us motivated for a lifetime…and that’s where fulfilment and happiness lies…

Michelle Landy