Transform Your Stress Response


- Change how you feel and unlock your work flow.
- Ignite your natural mindfulness and wellbeing.
- Discover how to shift your mindset

Transformational practices in mindset, mindfulness and self empowerment that will change how you feel.

Discover a new way to feel and be.

This is a transformative, self renewal day full of strategies and practices that will transform how you lead yourself. 

Mindfulness and Wellbeing Practices for Higher and Calmer Performance

  • Develop self-awareness about how you work
  • Mindful practices for high performance
  • The 3 powers – commitment, intention and planning.
Personality and Work Habits

  • Identify you work personality
  • Your relationship with time
  • Achieving flow

Navigating Change with Less Stress and more Synergy

  • Developing your adaptive skills.
  • How to foster a change ready mindset.
  • The power of being a realist and present time thinking.

Self Leadership Habits

  • Building habits for wellness and success.
  • Changing how you think.
  • Building a circle of personal influence.

Activating Your Parasympathetic Nervous System for Calm

  • Understanding your autonomic nervous system and vagus nerve.
  • Strategies to improve autonomic nervous system function.
  • 3 Essential habits for focused wellbeing.

Stress Management Mind Strategies

  • Leading yourself with more clarity.
  • Stopping burnout at the warning signs.
  • Thriving in the midst of fear and pressure.
  • ONLINE – 1 day program. Next offering – 29th April 2022
  • ONLINE – Optional extra attendance at a group coaching call Conducted one month after the program to support implementation of strategies. 
  • Discounts are available to organisations for group bookings.

“Amazing – So many things I can’t wait to try.”

Sarah Holder – Federal Department                                                                           

Participant Comments about Michelle Landy

Loved Michelle’s style, casual & connected Brilliant event, well worth it!
Jacqualin Baldwin
Insightful, Eye opening
Nicola Galladeer
A wonderful opportunity to take time out for professional and personal growth.
Simone Cook