Writing for Mindfulness Coaching Program

Discover the transformative and healing impact of writing. Mindfulness writing is the process of exploring your feelings, emotions and mind in a curious and free way to expand your self insight and transform how you feel.
I will help you to open your awareness to your self, explore your inner mindset, unravel past trauma, and meet your life events with fresh insight, more clarity and a calmer mind.
Writing for mindfulness therapy helps you forge new strength and meaning – and connect to your inner calm and peace despite your circumstances. 
This coaching program is structured as a four week program.   Discover how guided writing and supportive coaching can help you hear your own inner wisdom with laser clarity, and help you feel calmer in how you respond to the events in your life.  The coaching is ideal during trauma, change and when dealing with difficult emotions.  It is personal, private and supports your unique situation.
  • One off sessions are also available.

Coaching can be conducted as a series of four weekly sessions over zoom.

 Enquire via email –  info@michellelandy.com  

“Stretching my comfort-zone has been an amazing experience. Thank you.” 

Kris Cox          

Client Comments

Michelle identified my communication blocks immediately and helped me speak up. I highly recommend her to any women in leadership roles who need to speak up at meetings.
Sue Cotter
This coaching has been life changing. I came improve my communication skills at work, but have found it has improved my ability to speak up calmly at home too. Thank you!
Jemma Hart
Local Government

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