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There is something about spring that wakes us up and makes us want to sprinkle its’ energy through the whole of our lives. The wonderful freelance journalist Michaela Fox interviewed me recently about this very concept for an article in Women’s Agenda. Below is the article with many of my comments on spring cleaning your life:

Spring Clean your Life in 7 easy Steps – by Michaela Fox (Women’s Agenda)

Spring is synonymous with new beginnings, change and growth. Burst into new life with this emotional and physical makeover. It’s time to clear out the cobwebs and create a healthier body and mind. Here are seven simple steps to start spring-cleaning your life:

  1. De-clutter your mind Is your inner critic getting you down? You know: that little voice in your head constantly pointing out your deficiencies and weaknesses. “Everyone experiences the inner critic in some form,” says coach and author of The Confidence Workout, Michelle Landy. The key is to transform that negative energy into self-belief.”For most people the inner critic exaggerates and dramatises things, leading to negativity which can limit us,” she explains. “The inner critic gives you information, but it shouldn’t be running your life. Find another voice to talk back to it – a reassuring voice.”
  2. Detox from social media Tweeting from the shower? “Checking in” everywhere you go? Continually “updating your status”? Social media can quickly become addictive if you are not careful. “Whilst there are tremendous benefits of social media, it can often disconnect you from face-to-face interaction.”Be more mindful about how you use it. Ask yourself if you really need to upload your dinner to Instagram, and give yourself little retreats from social media. “Get into the practice of only checking it at certain times of the day,” suggests Landy. “In this way, you are not letting it drive your life, but rather you are in control and making it a healthy part of your life. “
  3. Clean up your relationships Spring can also be a time to think about who or what is toxic in your life. Distance yourself from people who are associated with pain and frustration. “Who we spend time with has an impact on our own lives,” explains Landy. “Make your positive energy stronger than the negative energy around you and protect it.”Rather than dropping people from your life completely, learn to manage your relationships better. “If you feel let down as a consequence of someone else then you haven’t managed your energy well enough. It’s up to us to guard our positivity,” Landy says. Surround yourself with positive and supportive people both inside and outside the workforce.
  4. Spruce up your wardrobe Spring is an ideal time to freshen up your look. Sally Mackinnan, personal stylist and wardrobe consultant at Styled by Sally, says that updating your look doesn’t need to be expensive. She suggests a wardrobe edit service, which teaches women how to make improved choices and create different looks by suggesting new pieces to complement their wardrobe.Improving your image and personal brand is a worthwhile investment. “Research shows that 65% of communication is non-verbal,” Mackinnan explains, adding that people form an immediate impression of who you are simply by the clothes you wear. “You want your clothes to portray you in the most positive light possible, so select attire with your personal and professional goals in mind.””A new look can take years off someone’s appearance, not to mention kilos,” Mackinnan says. “When you feel great about the way you look, the confidence you exude in the workplace is a real attribute.”
  5. Dust off your talents Most of us have a hobby or interest that has been neglected over time. Perhaps you dipped your toes into something as a child and have always wanted to explore it in more depth. Or maybe you are eager to try something entirely new. Add some fun back in to your routine and embrace an old or new hobby.”Having a hobby or passion is so good for our soul,” says Landy, adding that it’s important to always be learning something new. “When we let ourselves be a beginner we let go of criticism and judgment,” she says. “There is great freedom in giving yourself permission to do something badly.”
  6. Revitalise your body Nature is moving again, and it’s time for you to move too. Walk to work if you can. Spring is a great time to create new habits. Physical activity instantly lifts your mood and is a great way to achieve a healthy body and healthy mind.”When we take care of our body, our mind benefits too,” says Landy. “Get in contact with nature and give yourself more outside time,” she suggests. “Doing exercise out in nature is incredibly beneficial for us and therapeutic for the mind.”
  7. Be still It’s equally important to be still so put down your gadgets and create space for solitude and reflection. Being still allows us the opportunity to mentally revamp and there are many ways to achieve this.For some people it might be meditation or yoga, for others it might simply be connecting with nature. Consciously taking time out for just five minutes will have enormous benefits for your emotional health. “We can’t just focus exclusively on our external selves,” explains Landy. “We need to support both sides, and if we manage this balance then we are able to transform our worlds.”Link to article is http://www.womensagenda.com.au/career-agenda/table-talk/spring-clean-your-life-in-7-easy-steps/201309152900


  1. Thank you, Michelle for your great insights into this topic. I felt inspired interviewing you and will adopt many of these recommendations for a happier and healthier mind and body!

    1. Pleasure Michaela. It was lovely speaking with you and I really like the article you wrote.Keep in touch. Michelle

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