Discover a new way to feel during stress. Learn to calm your vagus nerve & rewire your stress response.

This coaching program is focused on developing mindfulness, understanding the power of your thoughts, developing practices of calm and establishing clarity about how to better manage the pressures at work and life. Focused one-on-one coaching program that will transform how you feel.

Learn how to be in your parasympathetic nervous system and transform how you handle the crazy pressures and deadlines at work and in your life.

I’d love to dive into your world and help you learn to manage your thoughts and pressures in a whole new way. No matter what you are dealing with from difficult people to life changing events, to tiny annoyances at work or unrealistic deadlines – this program will transform how you navigate stress and how you feel.


– 4  coaching sessions, conducted via zoom or skype from anywhere in the world. 

– flexibility in scheduling to fit your needs.

– email reflective activities between sessions for clarity and insight.

“Stretching my comfort-zone has been an amazing experience. Thank you.” 

Kris Cox          

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Transform Your Stress

Transform how you and your key staff perform.