Mindset Superpowers
to Keep You Writing

Breakthrough your writer obstacles and make your journey to writing your book easier. This course will help you write to your personality type, build the mindset you need to navigate the emotional challenge of writing, help you navigate your fear, hesitation and overwhelm - and help you unlock your writer flow.

SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR WRITING SUCCESS – How to get started, stay on track and navigate the writing journey to the end.

  1. Writing Personality 
  2. Writing Fears
  3. Writing Purpose
  4. Writing Resilience
  5. Writing Endurance 
  6. Writing Focus
  7. Writing Connection
  8. Writing Mindfulness 
  9. Writing Vulnerability
  10. Writing Judgement
  11. Writing Flow
  12. Writing Mindset

This 12 week program includes videos and fill in activities to hep you lead yourself with success through the highs, lows, vulnerabilities and complexities of writing.


*Post Course Coaching is also available at discounted rates for attendees.


$199 per person

“Amazing. Michelle you are inspirational! I learnt so much.”

Kathy Viahaku – City of Darebin          

“Michelle is warm, engaging and knowledgeable. She is a fantastic teacher.”

Laura Pettigrove          

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