Notice Your Little Talents…


The singing show THE VOICE has been captivating my attention. One of the reasons I love the show is that I love seeing people take brave steps.  Every episode you get to witness people facing their fear and moving through it. To get up there on stage most participants have to face those questioning voices in their own heads – will they like me? am I good enough? will I make a fool of myself? Then to get to the other side of these voices they have to believe in themselves and believe in their gift and talent.

Even if they are extremely talented as a singer, talent alone will not ensure success.  They need to believe in it and feel good enough about themselves to let it out and express it in the best possible light.

On a show like THE VOICE we get to see BIG OBVIOUS TALENT. We get it, see it and notice it. It inspires us. But we need to remind ourselves that not all gifts and talent are are one big obvious standout factor. And sometimes people think they don’t have any gifts simply because they make the mistake of looking only for the big obvious things.

Most of our talents and gifts are not big and massive. They are not one thing, in one area, that can be named and labeled.

Your gifts and talents may be like powder – made up of a thousand little unique parts.

And for the majority of people they are indeed like powder – tiny gifts that together form something wonderful, unique and beautiful. Tiny gifts that when nurtured and combined can have a massive impact.

I encourage you to think about what you do well and get to know you little talents. Think about the little things you do well. Perhaps you are good at listening to others, have a capacity to give others hope, tend to reassure others, build a sense of community in your neighbourhood, are the trusted friend that people go to, know how to make a child feel loved, have a knack of getting other to to take action, show others how to pick themselves up after tragedy, help people laugh when dealing with stress, or empower people in your team to work to their best.  The list goes on and on.

Think about your LITTLE TALENTS. If you can’t think of any ask yourself what comes easily to you. What is it you do well, naturally, easily, without thinking, without noticing?  We often miss seeing them because they come so easily and naturally to us. Because they are easy we don’t see them as gifts.

What are some of your little talents and things you seem to be able to just naturally do?