The Getting of Clarity

We often say the words “I don’t know what to do…” when we want to change something in our lives or want to start something new. Most of us say the words ‘I don’t know’ too readily though. Too quickly…before we have even given ourselves time to know

And when we do stop to delve a little deeper, invariably we do actually know what to do. … we are just scared to know, scared to do it, scared to realise it, scared to do it the wrong way, scared to hurt someone, scared to make a mistake, scared to walk down an unknown path… Sometimes our fear blocking us from wanting to know.

It’s scary to let ourselves KNOW – that’s because once we stop saying “I don’t know” and truly let ourselves KNOW – we can’t undo our KNOWING. A gap is there before us. Obvious. Compelling. Drawing us forward. And our life will start to change.

Try this: This week, do not let yourself say “I don’t know…” and instead open yourself up to the thought that perhaps you DO know what you should do… Be still. Listen. Let yourself know.


Author & Coach Michelle Landy – Web: