Three Types of Mentors

We all need people who make us ask more of ourselves. Mentors. People who give us direction, clarity and inspiration. And the good ones make us WANT to ask more of ourselves. They are people who influence us in a positive way – influencing our actions, directions and above all our clarity. They are people who model the way.  But if mentors are the people who make us ask more of ourselves, then we need to broaden our viewpoint of who our mentors are that shape our character and actions.

There are three types we need:

– Someone we admire who pulls us forward and inspires us.

– Someone who walks beside us and guides us.

– Someone we teach who makes us want to master, refine and fully understand what we know.

Mentors are found all around us and often in unexpected places. They are not just ahead of us on the path. They are all around us. At all levels and in all contexts of our lives.

Mentors are not just for work issues. We need them in all parts of our lives. Different ones for different aspects of ourselves and different guidance.

Mentors are not just formal relationships of support. They are the informal and invisible too. They are the impromptu discussions and advice we gather. They are the invisible observations you make of the amazing people around you and how they do what they do. They are people who teach you who often have no idea they are the teachers in your life.

You can have a mentor without them knowing.

You maybe a mentor to someone without them knowing.

Michelle Landy – Coach, Author, Presenter