What do you wish you had the confidence to do?


Just about all of us have a dream tucked away and without confidence it can be mighty hard to start, let alone achieve.

It might be a little goal; a place you want to travel to, an experience you would love to have. Or it may be something bigger. A dream career you think about, a project you want to take on or a whole lifestyle makeover you would like to have.

Whatever dream is still tucked away inside you, ask yourself what’s stopping you? There are many things that stop us.  It can be our fear of rejection, fear of judgement or of not being talented enough. Sometimes we don’t even feel deserving.

The common ground for us all is a lack of confidence in ourselves and a lack of confidence in our ability to undergo the journey to the end.  But you can. We all can.

My latest book The Confidence Workout is written to help show you a way forward and hep you kick-start your confidence. It takes you through 17 surprisingly simple ways to feel more confident to achieve your dream pursuits – at work or in life.

Confidence is not something we get once and then can forget all about. We need to nurture it and attend to it to keep the flame burning.

Think about what you wish you had the confidence to do? Will you do what it takes to nurture your confidence and start your dream?

I encourage you to nurture your confidence every day so you can live a life full of dreams, big or small. Don’t live with regret of an unfulfilled dream. It may just be one of the worst regrets of all – knowing your could have, but didn’t even give it a try.

Live your dreams, Do one tiny step today toward making your dream a reality.